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Are all of your Wildrags Silk?
All new fabrics are 100% silk. I still have a few crepe wildrags left but have decided to focus only on silk. It is higher quality, wearable all year long, has better wicking properties and its more Classic. The cowboys of the past only used I would like to stick with that tradition.
How are your wildrags made?
Each 100% silk scarf is hand cut. Then fray check is put around the edges to prevent any fraying when you wash them. After that they are hand sewn with a rolled edge and pressed before shipping to you! 
How do I wash my Wildrag?
If you have bought a 100% Silk scarf you can either handwash or gentle cycle in the machine. Hang to dry and Iron on "Silk" Setting. 100% Crepe Wildrags can be washed in the machine. Hang drying is suggested and ironing on a higher setting than silk.
Is your silk from Canada?
No. Silk worms dont thrive in Canada. However if you know somewhere in Canada that DOES manufacture silk then please send me their info! I would love to be 100% Canadian
What if I dont want to order online? I like feeling the Wildrags before I purchase.
Well this one is a bit tricky nowadays. I am working on getting my wildrags into more Retail locations (let me know if you have any suggestions of locations!) however I am at some local markets and will be at the Millarville Christmas market this year for you to touch and feel the silk.
I keep seeing 5% donated to Charity. What is this all about?
Ive always been a strong believer in giving back. It was one reason that I started this business. Right now 5% of each Wildrag sold is donated to a local charity. The Charity changes every quarter. Go follow the Pale Horse IG page to get the updates 
Do you do custom painted skulls?
No. I have decided that doing collections is the way that works best. At Millarville Christmas Market and Panoka Stampede I will be launching new collections. Thats it. Twice a year with approximately 5-6 skulls available per collection.
When are the clothes and accessories coming?
Working on that! Ill let you know as soon as the ideas get from my head into something solid!
How long does it take to get my product? 
Wildrags are shipped within 1-2 weeks depending on amount of orders. Orders are finished as they are received.
Skull orders vary between 2 weeks to 1 month dependant on if it has any customization as explained above. 
I currently ship through Canada Post and they are pretty efficient on timing. Depending on your location once shipped it will be between 1-3 weeks.
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