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Its been quite the year this 2020 now hasn't it been? I think I don't even have to say why its been a crazy year. We really don't even have to go there.

However Im a firm believer that with all the bad comes good. And if you cant find the good in it, well then you are looking from the wrong side of the glass my friend. So much good has come from this "situation" for so many people. And thankfully, lots of different new has come for the Pale Horse Brand from this.

You may notice the name Pale Horse Ranch vs. Just Pale Horse. And also Pale Horse Studio. Ive had some time to come up with some long term though I wont be announcing them now, just know there are some awesome things coming in the future.

What CAN you see? Well, theres the new Logo. New Website (slowly changing over as you may have noticed on some things), new products coming up. If you follow my IG you know about Macey Gray, my bumper pull camper that I am renovating to be part of my Market and Rodeo Set Up and who will be making her grand appearance at the Millarville Christmas Market.

Aside from that...this blog will be coming up more often. Not just to talk about Pale Horse stuff...but life in general. The Western Lifestyle. The Rock and Roll Cowboy Lifestyle. The Not Your Average Cowboy Lifestyle. There are so many things to share and talk about! If there is anything you want to read on this blog (I swear the rest of my blog posts will be much more exciting and humorous!) then let me know!

So stay posted, stay tuned....theres so much more to come!

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