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Seems like a weird site for a blog??

Wildrags, skulls, accessories and ....a blog? Doesn't make much sense does it? Well I would beg to differ...sort of.

I love writing, And I love helping people and inspiring people in any way that I can. Sometimes I think that the best way to do that is through writing. Having something that people can come back to again and again to read or to learn. And so a Blog is born.

You may be wondering what this blog is going to consist of on this site....Essentially anything that encompasses the "Pale Horse" Lifestyle. Which really means my lifestyle. You see I started this company from something that I loved. Creating #skull #artwork. And it evolved into something else I love, #Wildrags and #Fashion. Which is now evolving into yet another thing that I love...#Helping and #Inspiring people. So the blogs to come will be encompassing many things. From How to tie your Wildrag to Fashion Ideas to Home renovations to Adventures in Cattle Moving to how to achieve your #Goallife ... if you follow me on Instagram (@renadadoesstuff) then you know what thats about ;)

So there it is. Keep in mind, I write how I speak. This will be littered with wittiness and sarcasm, truth bombs and a whole lot of from my heart love.

So stay tuned...there will be more! Let me know your thoughts in comments on my blogs or messages to me! I love hearing back from you guys.

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